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は は の ひ 。 {x}

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by ミン

Happy mother’s day!




Shikamaru by Sempaiko


i dont post enough random mindless doodles so have these two girly butts

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Idk what i am doing anymore.


the only naruto head canon that matters is that kakashi’s mom forced him to do rhythmic gymnastics growing up and he liked it so much that he incorporates it into his ninjutsu

Let me take responsibility for him…”

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i heard naruto is based on a true story

That would be scary as heck… like an exsorcist who puts demons in specially selected people by the govt, and those govts track down the 9 strongest demons and seal them in their citizens to be osrisized and then expected to conquer their demon and use it to fight other nation’s demons..

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You’re welcome, followers ;P

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Admin: I couldn’t resist. The heart just kills me!

The thing is…

even if my OTP never becomes canon, I will still ship it.

even if you write out a dissertation explaining why my OTP will never become canon, I will still ship it.

even if the creator issued a statement tomorrow that said my OTP will never become canon, I will still ship it.

even if no one else in the universe ships my OTP, I will still ship it.

You wanna know why? Because I fucking love my OTP. And nothing will change that.

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