Naruto Shipping Confessions
This is a blog about all the Naruto shipping out there. Confess all you want about any pairing and anything that deals with shipping your most hated, OTP, or just general thoughts. You can submit anything anonymously or with your username. This blog runs on your confessions so the more you send the better it gets. I hope you enjoy.

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Submitted by: Anonymous

Graphic: MinaKushi - Valentine’s Day by Dakkar-H

Submitted by: naruto—confessions

Graphic: MinaKushi by asaimomoe

Submitted by: Anonymous

Submitted by: Anonymous

Graphic: minato, kushina and narutoby ~innera

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Graphic: Maruto’s Mom by Vulpixi-Misa

Submitted by: thaxal

Graphic: Naruto_Poster_01 by LadyGT

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Graphic: Kushina and Naruto by missxdelaney

Color-ful: You go girl [I assume] and ship what you want!

Submitted by: your-meelo-is-showing

Graphic: MinaKushi: Snow day by piinl

Color-ful: They could be teenagers in this, no? Anyway, you have a wintery/Christmasy feeling yet? (●^o^●)

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for the lulz.

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Graphic: KUSHINA — fleet fox by nyugyu

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Graphic: Parallel by xxMeMoRiEzxx

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Graphic by: quelacindy:


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I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right.

Graphics via: KonohaCaps

"What I don’t understand is how people hate Naruto and Sakura being together yet they ship Minato and Kushina. To me, the couples are the same. They are so similar that I can’t see how you can ship one of the couples but not the other."

Submitted by, flowerofkonoha